Board Member & Officer Area

Institutional Knowledge That’s Easy to Pass Along

Board members come and go, so make sure your current directors have access to institutional history with a library of board member and officer documents. Preserve copies of meeting minutes, committee notes, bylaws, contracts, and more so your current board members can get what they need to keep your society moving forward.


Controlled Access

Limit access to board members, officers, or specific office-holders. For a small society without strictly defined roles, this feature can allow all board members to access all of your documents.

With a large board, not everyone may need access to the same information, so we offer the option to customize who can see sensitive documents, such as financial records, with role-specific viewing rights.

Committees & Officers, Too

Committee members will have a centralized place to store project notes and documents without access to higher-level board documents.

Officers can keep confidential information related to their roles in a central location, ensuring continued access to those details.