WordPress-Based Site

Why WordPress?

Using WordPress, one of the most popular Content Management Systems on the internet, allows us to leverage the large development community to offer solutions quickly and securely.

It also allows us to keep adding new features. There is a large pool of talented WordPress developers we can tap to build solutions that meet the specific needs of our users.


You Can Take It With You

New member volunteering to handle the site for you? You’re welcome to move the site to your own hosting. For a small fee, Roots & Code will provide an export of your files, along with the list of the plugins we use. Simply import the site to a new WordPress site, purchase and install the necessary plugins, and recreate your site.

Some of the setup on the Roots & Code site is developed specifically for our service. Unfortunately, you will have to find other ways to recreate those features. If we know of an existing plugin that might help, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Why Allow You to Export Your Site?

We know a website is much more than the technology that runs it. Without the content our users create, their sites would be useless. We believe all that hard work shouldn’t be lost.

We never want to lose a member, but we understand things change. New society volunteers might be able to handle the building and maintenance of your site, or you might be given a grant to use specific hosting. We also understand that many of our members had providers shut down with little warning.

We want you to be comfortable knowing that your new site is built on widely available, widely supported technology. There are many developers specializing in WordPress. If you should ever leave, you will be able to start over relatively easily.

Of course, we do have our own special sauce. We build our own solutions where we can’t find alternatives that meet our standards and your needs. We’ve worked hard to secure and optimize every site. We think our offering will be the only one you need.